Saturday April 6TH, 2019 10am - 6pm

Lesley university - University Hall

1815 massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge MA 02140

Open to the public

Join us for this day-long event as we imagine what it would look like to have voices of indigenous peoples in our schools and community organizations. This free event will showcase indigenous educational materials from the Americas through the following:

  • Panels with indigenous authors, educators, and artists discussing their work and communities.

  • An exposition where materials will be available for purchase

  • Classes on Amazonian Healing, Reciprocity, and much more!

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Click the image to visit our Medium article on the Day of Learning.

Click the image to visit our Medium article on the Day of Learning.

Volunteer for Our Voices

Thank you to all our volunteers who helped make the Day of Learning a special event!

Even though the event is over we are still looking for volunteers who can help us pull off the next event! Do you want to help us get the word out about the event? Can you recommend an indigenous author/artist you think we can collaborate with?

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Thank you to all our presenters who made this event possible:

Mashpee 9: Hana Bernadette (Mashpee Wampanoag) & Bruzzy Hendricks (Mashpee Wampanoag)

Native Food of New England: Rachel Sayet (Mohegan)

The Tools We Carry Within: Suzanne Rancourt (Abenaki) & Elizabeth Gordon Kim

Preserving Ancestral Wisdom: Oscar Montero (Kankuamo) & Julian Visxwe (Nasa)

Day of Learning Panel Discussion: Suzanne Rancourt, Hana Bernadette, Deborah Spears Moorehead (Seanconke Pokanoket Wampanoag)